Deep South Con 50: Anticipation!

This weekend is Deep South Con 50. This convention is held in a different location in the south each year. This year, it is returning to Huntsville, where the first Deep South Con was held.

I’m already very impressed with the organization and promotion of this convention. They’ve got an active Facebook page, a beautiful and often-updated website, and they’re partnering with the public library for a public lecture by one of the attending authors: Gregory Benford.

When a convention is well-organized and promoted, it makes me even more excited to attend. It bodes well for the panels and events running smoothly, and for having an all-around wonderful con experience. My hats off to the organizers.

For the past month or so, the con has had a display of science fiction books and artwork set up in the entrance to the main library downtown.

DSC 50 display at the Huntsville Madison-County Public Library

Lovely art and books in the display at the public library
Skylife, edited by Gregory Benford

Gene Wolfe’s book on display in the library

Almost all of the books are original hardcovers, and the gorgeous painting is either an original or a high-quality print. Every time I go to the library I have to stand and gawk at the treasures inside the display.

Here’s a few of the programming items I’m looking forward to:


  • Novel Workshop lecture by Lou Anders of Pyr
  • Gregory Benford speech at public library, “The Wonderful Future That Can Still Be: Science Fiction and Current Science”
  • Beer in the consuite with novel workshop participants and teachers


  • Novel Workshop critique sessions
  • Novel Workshop lecture by Toni Weisskopf of Baen Books
  • Lois McMaster Bujold reading
  • Bellydancing workshop
  • “Hard Fantasy” – Lou Anders, Danny Birt, ❤ Gene Wolfe <3, Lois McMaster Bujold, Tony Daniel
  • Ravenar Belly Dance performance
  • Dr. Demento live performance
  • “Violence for Writers, with Demos of Hard, Sharp, Pointy Things”
There are dozens more amazing lectures, live music performances, and demos going on throughout the weekend. 
If you’re within driving distance of Huntsville and can take a road trip this weekend, I think this convention will be well worth the trip.

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