Short Story Reads: August 25-31, 2012

Cool bug on the front porch

A rough week in the real world, and I can’t believe I only read one flash story the whole time. I started reading a novel, but not so much that there wasn’t any time for short stories. I need to push myself harder to read. After all, the bad times are when I need stories the most.

“Balancing Racks”

Author: Jason Sinclair Long
Publication: Fast Forward: The Mix Tape, 2010
Publication type: Flash fiction collection, multiple authors, eds. Forman, Morris & Stohlman
Recommended by: Ashley Cowger

Too short to quote – the story is only half of a page. And there aren’t any witty lines or lyrical indulgences. But the effect is impressive. Time handled deftly, interactions pitch perfect, a scene that is a story of one moment that ripples out both forward and back. Excellent.

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