TOC: Missing Links and Secret Histories

L. Timmel Duchamp recently emailed the table of contents for the upcoming anthology Missing Links and Secret Histories. I’m excited to have one of my stories included, and can’t wait to see how so many excellent authors worked with the concept of a secret history for a literary character. Timmi gave us permission to share the TOC, so here it is! 

Missing Links and Secret Histories: A Selection of Wikipedia Entries Lost, Suppressed, or Misplaced in Time

ed. L. Timmel Duchamp
1.  Kristin King: Mystery of the Missing Mothers
2.  Nisi Shawl: The Five Petals of Thought
3.   Jeremy Sim: Thaddeus P. Reeder
4.   Nick Tramdack: The Gimmerton Theory
5.   Alisa Alering: Madeline Usher Usher
6.   Mark Rich: Maisie and Amomma
7.   John J. Coyne: The Kurtz-Moreau Syndicate
8.   Mark Rich: Dejah Thoris
9.   Anna Tambour: Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard
10. Alex Dally MacFarlane: Gerayis (or Gedayis)
11. Kristin King: The Galadriel Apocrypha
12. Mari Ness: The Godmother
13. Mari Ness: Marmalette
14. Mari Ness: Palatina
15. Catherine Krahe: The Blacksmith
16. Jenni Moody: Peter Rabbit
17. Anne Toole: Secrets of Flatland
18. Jeremy Sim: Sanyo TM-300 Home-Use Time Machine
19. L. Timmel Duchamp: Elizabeth Burgoyne Corbett
20. Anna Tambour: God
21. Lucy Sussex: La Cucaracha Rules

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