My First Fountain Pen

I’ve always loved stationary. From the faded Santa set my sixth grade teacher gave me to the Elk themed letter set I found at a thrift store in Alaska, I’m a sucker for cool correspondence materials. But my idea of splurging on nice pens is buying a pack of three Sarasas from the grocery store. I’ve never owned a fountain pen, or even tried writing with one. So getting one as a present from my dad was pretty wonderful. 
Here’s a few photos of my new pen, with the fancy schmancy backdrop of a Totoro blanket: 
A pen that comes in its own classy bag – already this is awesome.
Different shades of blue for the packaging. Lovely.
The whole set, including a package of ink capsules and a bottle of ink. 
The pen! Gorgeous and simple. 
Engraved nib
I’m still getting used to writing with it. The pressure points on certain parts of letters – the curves of an ‘e’ for example – are different from regular pens. And my fancy stationary isn’t porous enough to use with the fountain pen. The ink shows up faint and smeared. But other cards and papers are perfect.
I really love my new pen. I kind of feel as if I’ve had a trip to Ollivanders Wand Shop.  

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