Booth 5 in The Review Review

Over at The Review Review, Josh Magill gives an overview of Booth in “A Midwestern Journal Goes Beyond Our Failings to Bring Amazement.

My story “Libration” gets a paragraph, and the review gives a good sense of the experience of reading the issue.

Running across the review in the weekly newsletter was a nice bump to get me through Wednesday. And hey, if you sub to literary magazines and haven’t subscribed to their newsletter yet, you’re missing out on a really lovely, funny missive full of lit mag news. Go! Sign-up!

3 thoughts on “Booth 5 in The Review Review

  1. Jenni,
    I enjoyed your story so much and wish reviews of lit mags were easier to give much more to individual stories. I was terrified for the girl if she stayed behind. It haunted me some.

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