"Sister Winter" in The Colored Lens

My week six Clarion West story “Sister Winter” is out in the Summer 2014 issue of The Colored Lens. 

You can get the issue here.

I’m very excited that this story has a great home. This is the last story I wrote at Clarion West, and I left Seattle with the sense that I had finally written a story I loved and would love sharing.

It is a story about three sisters, an Alaska-like place, and the things that have to change inside a person in order for them to grow up.

I want to send my thanks to my Clarion West classmates, administrators and all-around writer-wranglers Neile Graham and Les Howle, and all of my Clarion West instructors. Special thanks go to S.L. Gilbow who pushed me to write better stories and to Alisa Alering who encouraged me in the submission process.

And many heartfelt thanks to The Colored Lens readers and editors for their hard work and a beautiful issue!

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