Clarion West Class of 2011: Publications and Sales, 2014


The Clarion West class of 2011 is still going strong. This year my classmates were busy writing stories, novels, radio dramas, and comic books!

Here’s a rundown of our publications and good writerly news for 2014. Check out these great stories!

Alisa Alering

“Absolute Pony.” Perihelion12 Jan 2014. (CW Week 4 story)

The Island of White Houses.” Flytrap. Issue 11, March 2014. (CW Week 5 story)

“The Island of White Houses.” Forthcoming as podcast by Drabblecast in spring 2015.

“The Night Farmers’ Museum.” Runner-up for the 2014 Italo Calvino Prize. (currently unpublished) Flytrap11cover

Corinne Duyvis

Otherbound. Amulet Books. 17 June 2014.

“The Masks of Sigma City.” SuperpowThe Red Penny Papers. 27 Oct 2014.

Corinne sold her second book, a YA sci-fi called On the Edge of Gone, to Amulet Books. Scheduled for release in spring 2016.

Otherbound cover

S.L. Gilbow

Mr. Hill’s Death.” The Dark Issue 4, May 2014 and The Dark Sampler 2014.

Running Late.” 365 Tomorrows. 7 May 2014.

Who Brought Tulips to the Moon? and Other Stories available through Kindle Direct Publishing

“Every Sunday Morning.” Black Denim LitJanuary 2015.

Eliza Hirsch

If You Want the Rainbow.” Daily Science Fiction. 22 April 2014.

Catherine Krahe

Senior Fiction Editor at Strange Horizons

Jenni Moody

Sister Winter.The Colored LensSummer 2014. (CW Week 6 story).

The Standing Part.” Gingerbread House. Issue 10, December 2014. 0cb22-coloredlenscover

Jack Nicholls

Sold two stories, both forthcoming in 2015:

“Drumsticks” (title to change) to Beneath Ceaseless Skies

“Dune Time” to Tor

Mark Pantoja

Reset: A Digital Afterlife Radio Drama.” Death (A Five-Part Series). To the Best of Our Knowledge.  7 December 2014.

Maria Romasco-Moore 

“The Great Loneliness.” Lightspeed Magazine Women Destroy Science Fiction Special Issue. June 2014. Lightspeed_49_June_2014

Anne Toole

RPG adventure modules: 


  • Crystal Cadets #1, 2, 3
  • Grimm Fairy Tales Holiday Edition 2014,  Zenescope Entertainment
  • Dead Island #1, co-written with Alex de Campi, Dark Horse


Alberto Yanez

“The Coffinmaker’s Love.” Heiresses of Russ 2014: The Year’s Best Lesbian Science Fiction. Lethe Press. August 12, 2014. Heiresses of Russ

Here’s to a great writing year for everyone in 2015!

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