AWP 2018 Schedule

Next week I’ll be attending the Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference in Tampa, Florida. Follow me on Twitter (@moodyjenni), and I’ll tweet photos and panel news when I can. I’m super excited to participate in my first AWP panel, especially since it focuses on an issue close to my heart — crossovers betweenContinue reading “AWP 2018 Schedule”

Reflections on Surrealism & Revolution

Throughout this course, I’ve gained an appreciation for and an awareness of the importance of the collective in artistic action. Mixed in with these observations, however, is the realization that academic communities are in a constant state of flux. Each year new friendships are strengthened, and then in the spring with graduation or fellowships, thoseContinue reading “Reflections on Surrealism & Revolution”

UWM Spring Awards

During the last week of classes, the English department at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee holds an awards ceremony recognizing undergraduate students, graduate students, staff, and faculty for their writing and teaching. This year I am honored to receive the Frederick J. Hoffman Award for my essay on Angela Carter’s short story “The Company of Wolves,”Continue reading “UWM Spring Awards”

Rehearsing Revolution

In our first blog posts, we were asked to respond to the question “Can art be subversive? Can it have real political impact?” For me, the answer was always yes. But reading Yates McKee’s “Occupy and the End of Socially Engaged Art,” John Berger’s “The Nature of Mass Demonstrations,” and watching the documentary Ai Weiwei:Continue reading “Rehearsing Revolution”

Mapping the Lovers’ Derive

“I’m your audience, and you’re mine” (Bernstein 96). In All the King’s Horses, Michele Bernstein portrays an open marriage between Genevieve and Gilles. They meet a young woman, Carole, whom they are both attracted to, and Gilles enters into a relationship with her. The balance of power shifts when Gilles falls in love with Carole.Continue reading “Mapping the Lovers’ Derive”

Invitations and Infiltrations

In my research on Fluxus, I found that the movement had two main goals: (1) to challenge elite art institutions and to (2) meld art and life so that they are inseparable. In order to blur these boundaries, they experimented with form through “intermedia” – creating genres of art that crossed traditional categories, like visualContinue reading “Invitations and Infiltrations”