Upcoming Event: Panel at NerdCon

I’m excited to announce that I will be presenting a panel at the first Rocket City NerdCon. I’ll share photographs and stories from my experiences at Clarion West and Kij Johnson’s Beginning Novel Workshop at the University of Kansas. I’ll discuss the benefits of residential writing workshops and compare them with the experience of gettingContinue reading “Upcoming Event: Panel at NerdCon”

2011 Westies Anthologized

My Clarion West classmates have had a pretty rockin year so far with stories in anthologies and collections. If you are looking for some good short stories to read, I highly recommend checking these out. First up is S.L. Gilbow’s new short story collection. I’ve been waiting for Gilbow to put out a collection ofContinue reading “2011 Westies Anthologized”

Clarion West Class of 2011: Publications and Sales, 2012

This has been a wonderful year for my Clarion West class. Here’s a highlight of some of the big moments for my classmates, with a list of publications following. Book Publication! Corinne Duyvis sold her first book! Here’s the announcement: “Corinne Duyvis’s debut OTHERBOUND, where a seventeen-year-old boy finds that every time he closes hisContinue reading “Clarion West Class of 2011: Publications and Sales, 2012”

Ready, Set, {Pause}, Workshop!

In workshops where there are a large number of participants, the critique from each member most likely has a time limit. At Clarion West, we had seventeen people plus an instructor critique each story. To make sure everyone was able to speak about the story, each person was allowed a maximum of 3 minutes forContinue reading “Ready, Set, {Pause}, Workshop!”

Waylines Magazine: New Market for SF Stories and Films

David Rees-Thomas was in my Clarion West class in 2011. He’s a wonderful fellow – a sharp reader, a lovely poet, and a good friend. He’s been a Managing Editor at Ideomancer for a while, and he’s decided to start his own magazine along with Darryl Knickrehm, whom I do not know but who hasContinue reading “Waylines Magazine: New Market for SF Stories and Films”

A Name Against the Nothing

Artax in the Swamp of Sadness, from The Neverending Story A few times at Clarion West, on the Sunday evenings when we met our instructor for the week, we would be asked to go around the table and describe the kinds of stories we wrote. Occasionally, I’d be asked the same question at the Friday nightContinue reading “A Name Against the Nothing”

Looking Back on a Year of Writing

The VerisimiliToad eager to start writing on the first day of Clarion West 2011. This has been a great personal year of writing. A large part of this is due to attending Clarion West this past summer. The workshop gave me energy, insight, and friendship with 17 of the most talented writers I have ever met.Continue reading “Looking Back on a Year of Writing”

Riding in Cars with Authors

Every Friday night at Clarion West there is a party. These parties take place at the homes of local supporters of the workshop – wonderful, kind people who welcome students and local writers alike into their homes. At these parties we were encouraged not to clump together with our classmates. There were strict penalties forContinue reading “Riding in Cars with Authors”

After Clarion West: Evasion

In the years before going to Clarion West, I would find the blogs written by soon to be Clarionites, and would follow them with devotion. Most bloggers would begin talking about their excitement over being accepted to the workshop, then maybe a few posts from the workshop describing their conversations with famous authors, and finallyContinue reading “After Clarion West: Evasion”