Clarion West 2011: Raising the Funds

Time slows down between applying to Clarion West and getting your notice of acceptance or rejection. But if you are accepted, then time accelerates. Into Warp. We were allowed to share news of our acceptance on April 2nd, so I made the mistake of postponing fundraising until April. Then my day job became really busy,Continue reading “Clarion West 2011: Raising the Funds”

Clarion West 2011: Getting the Phone Call

I got the call in the middle of March,┬áthe day after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I was on the phone with my father, a retired Nuclear Plant Trainer, and he was explaining to me the likely scenario at Fukushima. I lived in a little town near Hiroshima for a year as an undergraduate,Continue reading “Clarion West 2011: Getting the Phone Call”