Clarion West: Changing Your Schema

CW Class of 2011 with instructor Paul Park If you’ve read personal accounts of Clarion West or other residential writing workshops, you’ve probably heard one phrase mentioned over and over: “It changed my life.” But what does this mean?  Some writers may leave a workshop with stories they publish soon after in pro markets. ButContinue reading “Clarion West: Changing Your Schema”

Looking Back on a Year of Writing

The VerisimiliToad eager to start writing on the first day of Clarion West 2011. This has been a great personal year of writing. A large part of this is due to attending Clarion West this past summer. The workshop gave me energy, insight, and friendship with 17 of the most talented writers I have ever met.Continue reading “Looking Back on a Year of Writing”

Riding in Cars with Authors

Every Friday night at Clarion West there is a party. These parties take place at the homes of local supporters of the workshop – wonderful, kind people who welcome students and local writers alike into their homes. At these parties we were encouraged not to clump together with our classmates. There were strict penalties forContinue reading “Riding in Cars with Authors”

After Clarion West: Evasion

In the years before going to Clarion West, I would find the blogs written by soon to be Clarionites, and would follow them with devotion. Most bloggers would begin talking about their excitement over being accepted to the workshop, then maybe a few posts from the workshop describing their conversations with famous authors, and finallyContinue reading “After Clarion West: Evasion”

Clarion West 2011: Raising the Funds

Time slows down between applying to Clarion West and getting your notice of acceptance or rejection. But if you are accepted, then time accelerates. Into Warp. We were allowed to share news of our acceptance on April 2nd, so I made the mistake of postponing fundraising until April. Then my day job became really busy,Continue reading “Clarion West 2011: Raising the Funds”

Clarion West 2011: Getting the Phone Call

I got the call in the middle of March, the day after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I was on the phone with my father, a retired Nuclear Plant Trainer, and he was explaining to me the likely scenario at Fukushima. I lived in a little town near Hiroshima for a year as an undergraduate,Continue reading “Clarion West 2011: Getting the Phone Call”