Deep South Con 50: Novel Workshop

Deep South Con 50 didn’t officially start until Friday, but for myself and my fellow novel workshop participants, our convention experience started Thursday night with a lecture by editor Lou Anders of Pyr Books.  Lou’s talk, “Using a Character-Based Screenwriting Formula for Novel Writing,” was fantastic. I had listened to his talk about using screenwritingContinue reading “Deep South Con 50: Novel Workshop”

Deep South Con 50: Anticipation!

This weekend is Deep South Con 50. This convention is held in a different location in the south each year. This year, it is returning to Huntsville, where the first Deep South Con was held. I’m already very impressed with the organization and promotion of this convention. They’ve got an active Facebook page, a beautifulContinue reading “Deep South Con 50: Anticipation!”

I’m going to AWP!

Looking Down on the World’s Fair, 1893 This year I’ll be attending the Association of Writers & Writing Programs Annual Conference for the first time. The AWP conference is the big literary conference. Margaret Atwood will be giving a keynote address, there’ll be three days full of panels on writing and teaching writing, and aContinue reading “I’m going to AWP!”

Con*Stellation XXX: Corona Borealis

Another long-missed opportunity that my hometown has offered for years – a science fiction convention! 2011 is the first time that I have known about, and as a result have attended, my local science fiction convention. It is put on by North Alabama Science Fiction Association (NASFA), and has been running for thirty years now. OnContinue reading “Con*Stellation XXX: Corona Borealis”