"Sister Winter" in The Colored Lens

My week six Clarion West story “Sister Winter” is out in the Summer 2014 issue of The Colored Lens.  You can get the issue here. I’m very excited that this story has a great home. This is the last story I wrote at Clarion West, and I left Seattle with the sense that I hadContinue reading “"Sister Winter" in The Colored Lens”

Booth 5 in The Review Review

Over at The Review Review, Josh Magill gives an overview of Booth in “A Midwestern Journal Goes Beyond Our Failings to Bring Amazement.“ My story “Libration” gets a paragraph, and the review gives a good sense of the experience of reading the issue. Running across the review in the weekly newsletter was a nice bumpContinue reading “Booth 5 in The Review Review”

Mason’s Road Summer 2013 Literary Award

Many thanks to the lovely writers and editors at Mason’s Road for choosing my short story, “Helpline,” as the winner of their Summer 2013 Literary Award. The staff at Mason’s Road have been a pleasure to work with, and I’m honored to have my work appear in this publication. I’m pretty fond of this story. ItContinue reading “Mason’s Road Summer 2013 Literary Award”

Publication in Booth

Last week I received my contributor’s copies for Booth Journal, Issue 5. It is a gorgeous publication, with amazing artwork inside and out.  The interior flaps list the contributors, and I’m in some wonderful company. Throughout the issue there are comics by Kelly Clancy. I love the way she tells stories through sequential art,  andContinue reading “Publication in Booth”

TOC: Missing Links and Secret Histories

L. Timmel Duchamp recently emailed the table of contents for the upcoming anthology Missing Links and Secret Histories. I’m excited to have one of my stories included, and can’t wait to see how so many excellent authors worked with the concept of a secret history for a literary character. Timmi gave us permission to shareContinue reading “TOC: Missing Links and Secret Histories”

Publication: Review in Antipodes

My review of Amanda Curtin’s short story collection Inherited appears in the December 2012 issue of Antipodes: A Global Journal of Australian/ New Zealand Literature. Curtin’s book is lovely, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the intersection of imagined and real pasts. I’m looking forward to reading this issue of Antipodes. It’s full ofContinue reading “Publication: Review in Antipodes”

Publication: "Traffic Jam" in SpringGun

My flash fiction piece, “Traffic Jam” appears in the latest issue of SpringGun. This was one of those wonderful stories to write, where you hear a voice in your head and the story comes out already able to walk forward. Originally it was several hundred words longer, and paring it down to fit within flash magazineContinue reading “Publication: "Traffic Jam" in SpringGun”

Clarion West Class of 2011: Publications and Sales, 2012

This has been a wonderful year for my Clarion West class. Here’s a highlight of some of the big moments for my classmates, with a list of publications following. Book Publication! Corinne Duyvis sold her first book! Here’s the announcement: “Corinne Duyvis’s debut OTHERBOUND, where a seventeen-year-old boy finds that every time he closes hisContinue reading “Clarion West Class of 2011: Publications and Sales, 2012”