Short Story Reads: September 1-7, 2012

“The Man Who Forgot Ray Bradbury” Author: Neil GaimanPublication: Shadow Show: All-new Stories in Celebration of Ray BradburyPublication type: Anthology, Multiple AuthorsFavorite lines: “I learned your books. Burned them into my mind. In case the firemen come to town” (Gaiman 15).Thoughts: An immense treat for anyone who has read Bradbury, and still a lovely, moving story for anyone who hasn’t.Continue reading “Short Story Reads: September 1-7, 2012”

Short Story Reads: August 25-31, 2012

Cool bug on the front porch A rough week in the real world, and I can’t believe I only read one flash story the whole time. I started reading a novel, but not so much that there wasn’t any time for short stories. I need to push myself harder to read. After all, the badContinue reading “Short Story Reads: August 25-31, 2012”

Short Story Reads:August 18-24, 2012

Furball with this week’s short stories “Tiny, Smiling Daddy” Author: Mary GaitskillPublication: Because They Wanted ToPublication type: Short story collection, single author Writing this good feels like magic. Favorite lines:“He felt helplessness move through his body the way a swimmer feels a large sea creature pass beneath him” (Gaitskill 13).  “The Sound of a Room” Author: Amanda CurtinPublication: InheritedPublication type: ShortContinue reading “Short Story Reads:August 18-24, 2012”

Short Story Reads: August 11-17, 2012

“On the Uses of the Dead to the Living” Author: Amanda CurtinPublication: InheritedPublication type: Short story collection, single author Favorite lines:“Imagine that it’s 1860, it’s a beautiful stately home in the country, it’s a carriageway lined with poplars and elms and departed family members, twice varnished for maximum weatherproofing. A professor of phrenology is balancingContinue reading “Short Story Reads: August 11-17, 2012”