Reflections on Surrealism & Revolution

Throughout this course, I’ve gained an appreciation for and an awareness of the importance of the collective in artistic action. Mixed in with these observations, however, is the realization that academic communities are in a constant state of flux. Each year new friendships are strengthened, and then in the spring with graduation or fellowships, those […]

The Materials of the Situation

“The interest is not in consciousness and its freedom, but in the production of new situations as an end in themselves” (Wark 58). In The Beach Beneath the Street, McKenzie Wark introduces the many players in the Situationist movement through a historical derive. This form allows the reader to experience the feeling of being within […]

The Embodiment of Revolutionary Writing

We might have coupled In the bed-ridden monopoly of a moment Or broken flesh with one another At the profane communion table Where wine is spill’t on promiscuous lips We might have given birth to a butterfly With the daily-news Printed in blood on its wings — from Mina Loy’s “Songs to Joannes”, Part III