Clarion West Class of 2011: Publications and Sales, 2014

The Clarion West class of 2011 is still going strong. This year my classmates were busy writing stories, novels, radio dramas, and comic books! Here’s a rundown of our publications and good writerly news for 2014. Check out these great stories! Alisa Alering “Absolute Pony.” Perihelion. 12 Jan 2014. (CW Week 4 story) “The Island of WhiteContinue reading “Clarion West Class of 2011: Publications and Sales, 2014”

“The Standing Part” Published in Gingerbread House Literary Magazine

My short story “The Standing Part” is in the current issue of Gingerbread House. You can read it for free here. Gingerbread House pairs each story or poem with a piece of artwork, and I am in love with the work that the editors chose to accompany my story. Head over to the current issue to check outContinue reading ““The Standing Part” Published in Gingerbread House Literary Magazine”

Real Letters

Mary Robinette Kowal’s recent post, The Month of Letters Challenge , has gotten me thinking about communication. Specifically, how we share ourselves with others through language, images, memory.  I have a sticker on my laptop, right beneath my keyboard. It says “real people write real letters.” I can’t remember where I got it, other than that itContinue reading “Real Letters”

Show Me Something Interesting

This weekend I went to the North East Alabama Craftsman Association (NEACA) craft show with my mom and boyfriend. I’ve been going to this craft show for several years, and I see many of the same vendors there year after year.  Some of the vendors are wonderful. They make crafts with heart and wit andContinue reading “Show Me Something Interesting”

The Same Old Story, Until It’s Not

This weekend my grandmother went to the hospital for pneumonia. She’s back home now, taking it easy and taking her medicine. But earlier this weekend the doctors were saying she might be in there for a week. So on Saturday morning I woke up early and drove out to the rural town where I grewContinue reading “The Same Old Story, Until It’s Not”