Strange Southern Thing: Unclaimed Baggage

Whenever I reveal my Southern heritage to people, they usually do one of three things: 1. Start singing “Sweet Home Alabama”2. Ask me to speak in a Southern accent3. Ask me to tell them odd stories of the South I’ve never had a Southern accent. I’m not sure why. Most of the Southerners I knowContinue reading “Strange Southern Thing: Unclaimed Baggage”

The Cake Appreciation Society

In my application essay to Clarion West, I wrote that I wanted to hangout with Science Fiction writers, because I didn’t know of any in my city.  Shortly after I came home from Clarion West, I went to a meeting of the North Alabama Science Fiction Association. When I introduced myself as a Science FictionContinue reading “The Cake Appreciation Society”

Time to Level Up – With SCIENCE!

Last Saturday was my father’s birthday, and as per our tradition, we went to the Huntsville Ham Radio festival together.  This is a picture from the end of the Hamfest on Saturday, as everyone eagerly awaits the prize drawings.  I studied for and received my Technician Class license in 2008, and I’ve been meaning to upgrade toContinue reading “Time to Level Up – With SCIENCE!”