Clarion West 2011

The Clarion West Class of 2011 with our Week Three instructor, Margo Lanagan.
Photo by Les Howle

My Posts about Clarion West

VerisimiliToad, Ready to Begin Writing – The First Day of Clarion West 2011

Classmates’ Posts about Clarion West

Sarah Hirsch – The only one of us to blog during the workshop. Her posts give a good taste of being there.

Mark Pantoja – Mark had an amazingly successful fundraising project on Kickstarter.

Jei D. Marcadewrote some lovely parting thoughts on her flight home from Clarion West, and gives advice to the class of 2012.

Nick Tramdack – gives some great advice to the Clarion West Class of 2012.

At Paul Park’s Reading in the University Bookstore

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