A New Job Begins and a Piece of Paper Arrives

Last week I started a temporary job as a full-time administrative assistant. It’s a wonderful position – great co-workers, a quiet but productive office, and it’s on a university campus. In my mind this type of job has one really wonderful feature – I can leave it behind at 5PM and spend the rest of my time writing. 

But last week I was so tired that I didn’t write at all. On Thursday I came home from work and fell asleep by 7PM, woke up for an hour, then went to sleep for the night. I’m hoping that my body readjusts fully this week, and I can have my wits about me enough to step into my stories.
One definite plus is that I’ve been able to read much more. I read an entire book in one week, something I haven’t done since grad school. It was a shortish book, only around 200 pages, and it was a memoir, but that’s still a step forward. I have to take a one hour lunch break in the middle of the day, and I spend most of that time reading. It’s strange – my room of my own is my office. 
I’m considering taking my Eee PC with me and trying to write a little on my lunch break. No big goals, just a hundred words or so. Enough to push me into my novel project every day, so that my brain can work on it in the background as much as possible. 
On Saturday, a large envelope arrived in the mail. No padding, the edges torn. Mail from Alaska always comes in a bit chewed. Thank goodness the contents were in great condition:

My Diploma!

I know it’s silly, but damn am I proud of this sheet of paper. Maybe proud doesn’t describe how I felt when I held it for the first time. Maybe – excited. The kind that shakes the fibers of your heart a bit. 

I’ve felt in-between for a long time. It’s nice to be out the other side. 

2 thoughts on “A New Job Begins and a Piece of Paper Arrives

  1. Hurray for diplomas and new jobs! I've been having similar issues with my new work schedule. I thought workig more and being less stressed about money would open my brain up to writing more. I AM less stressed about money, but now I'm just exhausted all the time and still not writing. But I think it just takes a bit to get used to a new schedule. We'll both have 10,000 words of our novels by November 15–I know it!

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